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Empower the Grid

Unlock Your Potential
with Scalable
Dynamic Line Ratings

with confidence

Operational Flexibility

Accelerate transition
to clean energy

Can your transmission lines handle
future demands on infrastructure?


Your customers are feeling the pain
Accommodating &
importing renewables
Operational constraints & forecast uncertainty
Increased demand for electricity

High maintenance costs

Costly sensor systems
Under-Utilized Capacity
Health & safety of aging
transmission assets
Lack of situational awareness to monitor and manage span-to-span

Technology that Bridges
to Future Demands

Expanding Transmission Grid Capacity for Clean Energy

of forecasting

& Transferability

Flexibility & efficiency
with advanced simulations

We Understand the Challenges of Adapting the Grid to Changing Demands

We are a climate tech company helping power companies become more efficient.

We are the authority on applying Computational Fluid Dynamics over complex terrain

Validated DLR deployments providing situational awareness identifying head-room and deficits

Actively engaged in industry and standards organizations

We are leaders in scaling and enabling increased grid capacity

Your Steps to a
Scalable Solution

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Identify critical spans
& calculate the cool


WindSim Power Line

WindSim Power Line provides an enhanced view of the conditions of transmission lines by modeling wind at high spatial resolution and computing thermal interactions.

Key Benefits

The Bridge to the Future

In the United States, 6% of the electricity generated annually is lost in transmission and distribution at
costs exceeding $19.5B.

US consumers pay more than $6B in transmission congestion costs, resulting in hundreds of GW (gigawatts) of renewable energy stuck in interconnection queues, waiting to connect to the grid.

Grid utilization rates are often as low as 30-50%

-> This means there is excess capacity on the lines that could be leveraged to solve these problems.

This is all costing YOU and YOUR customers a lot of money in lost potential.

Our Dynamic Line Ratings solution (DRL) is a cost-effective tool to unlock capacity and bridge the current infrastructure to the future.

Our solution helps you stay relevant & regulation compliant, decrease your CO2 emissions, incorporate ESG metrics, all while saving big on expensive upgrades.

Are you ready to keep your company moving forward?

Empower the Grid

Unlock your potential
with scalable
Dynamic Line Ratings

Empower the Grid

Unlock your potential
with scalable
Dynamic Line Ratings

Get FERC 881 Compliant with WindSim Power Line

Calculate, Integrate, and Report.

Implement and Communicate Enhanced Ambient Adjusted Ratings (AAR) hourly for all assets.