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Expanding Transmission
Grid Capacity for Clean Energy

Dynamic Line Ratings Solution
& Independent Engineering Services.

Collaborative development on cutting edge tech

Calculating the cooling effect on transmission lines

Unique, proprietary, and scalable technology

Committed to a Clean Future

WindSim Power is a climate tech company, committed to a cleaner future and focuses on highly efficient solutions to meet the future demands of the dynamic grid infrastructure.

The initial target for the WindSim Power Line solution is U.S. power transmission owners that have identified a need for increased transmission capacity.

By implementing the WindSim Power Line solution, customers can increase utilization of their existing power lines, potentially unlocking billions of dollars in value.

In addition to increased capacity, WindSim Power Line provides critical information about grid infrastructure and enhances grid reliability and safety. Furthermore, it can also be used as a planning tool in the development of new energy projects.

By measuring and accounting for environmental conditions, the transmission owner can adjust the amount of power transported through the line based on actual capacity in real time. This is called Dynamic Line Ratings, which can lead to periodic real-time capacity increases of up to 30% – 44% above the levels set by Static Line Ratings.

The solution can be deployed as a stand-alone application or fully integrated into customer Energy Management System.

Our Mission

WindSim Power will strive for the continual development of innovative technologies and practices that will help the United States lead the global transition to a clean energy economy. Based on this forward-leaning principle, the WindSim Power Line technology has been developed with a broad understanding of the challenges facing the energy grid today, including grid modernization and integration of renewable energy sources and technologies.